Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorists and their sponsorers must be hunted down and killed like the retarded mongrel dogs that they are. Wake up and Fight India.

By now, all of us who have been watching the gruesome events unfold in Bombay know the following based on the reports;
- The Mongrels came on boats from Karachi ( I refuse to call these ba$tards terrorists, they are mixed breed retarded dogs and that's how they must be treated)
- They had help from Indian traitor mongrels
- This is not the usual mongrel operation - its been planned by the likes of a military unit - ISI and Paki Army is the obvious suspect
- They sought out US and British citizens
- The real intent is to harm growing and vibrant Indian economy and culture.

Its obvious even to the blind and deaf that these are muslim renegades bringing shame to their community and trying to cause further pressure on peace loving muslims.

Irrespective, its now very clear that the cancerous tumor that is Pakistani agencies, must be removed from the body of earth but not through a surgical cut - they must be grinded, poked and burnt so that generations of these agencies will shudder before they even attempt to think of being born again.

Indian and global agencies must act decisively, quickly and with fierce retribution to eliminate these evil elements from the face of the earth and ensure that our continent is rid of these evil ba$tards.

Do note, that I don't believe that a general muslim in India or Pakistan wants to fight anyone and should be disrespected by either side. Lets not categorize these mongrels with general muslims just because these mongrels are paki muslims.

These mogrels are illegitimate, depraved, ugly dogs vomitted by their mixed breed parents and reared by wolves, fuc#ed by AIDS filled ISI, and thrown out to India as revolting sick mongrels who will finally be tortured, killed and hopefully dragged in Indian streets while hung by their b@lls. They must meet this fate and later their sponsors must meet the same end.

Wake Up and Fight India - before its too late

My salute to the heroes of Bombay police, firefighters and of course the police leaders - Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief - Hemant Karkare, Terrorist Specilaist - Vijay Salaskar, and Additional Commissioner of Police, Ashok Kamte.

Salute also to the Hotel Staff at the Taj and Oberoi Trident as well as scores of Civilians who came through in this tough time.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Vande Matram

If you have any doubts about Paki sponsorship read this news from CNN/IBN;
3 suspected terrorists arrested from Taj Hotel

Press Trust Of India

TimePublished on Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 00:59, Updated on Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 04:04 in Nation section

Mumbai: Three suspected terrorists, including a Pakistani national, were arrested by the security forces from the Taj hotel on Thursday night.

Ajmal Amir Kamal, a resident of Faridkot, Multan in Pakistan and two others were arrested from the hotel, official sources said.

Kamal told the investigators that they had come in a merchant vessel, which dropped them at 10 nautical miles ahead of Indian waters.

From there, they took a dingy fiber glass boat to enter the Indian waters, he said. There were 12 people on the boat, he said.

The arrested militants belong to Lashkar-e-Taiba, officials said.

Earlier, the police had arrested a man named Ismail, believed to be a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative, in connection with the attack.

However, the big concern and where questions would be focused in the next couple of days is loopholes in India's maritime security.
While the chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh did agree the that the sea route was used, he claimed there were no intelligence inputs