Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pappu Can't Dance Saala or White Man just can't Dance - Bon Jovi Concert

So thanks to my wife, I got the VIP tickets to the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday Night at the Central Park. Oh I mean I was among the 2000+ VIPs. Other thanks go to Mayor Bloomberg and Bon Jovi & his band, of course.

The concert was scintillating- Bon Jovi looks as fresh as he was long time ago - three years back I'm gonna guess, and the crowd was up on its feet all the time - well, there was no place to sit.

Nah, I just kid you - It was a summer picnic and central park is a cool place to be at, in summer. Throw in a band like Bon Jovi and you have a perfect summer (satur)Day

I loved some great things about this concert
- The concert started on exact time it was supposed to be - 8 pm.
- There was no unnecessary stops during the concert - just a smooth flow of one song from another, no useless MCing or wasting of time
-The concert finished on time - a bit of tease before the band finished it but they let the croed know that it was about to finish.

As a spectator, it was flawless event to attend.
BUT, that's not why I'm blogging though.

I blog today 'coz I have to sadly admit a fact, that I suspect you already know and my feedback through this blog is, but just a confirmation
- Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no doubts left that white male just can't dance. Can you imagine 50-60 thousand people in the park and not one white guy has a reasonable move!

A white woman on the other hand Can & Will JUMP!
They didn't show much dance moves either but at least they did jump. The vertical elevation scores against no elevation indeed, no movement.

Yes, that's what my observation(s) are.

I mean you must have heard the recent Desi bollywood song "Pappu Can't Dance Saalea", which is kind of a hit song right now - about a bunch of college kids ( I suppose middle class) who sing in a dance video in a bollywood movie, about another student who is rich with many luxuries handed to him by his parents so the student gang is envious, BUT these students revel in the fact that despite all his riches (the rich kid has Rado watch on the wrist, Gucci cologone et al) - The rich kid just can't dance.

I was instantly reminded of that song moment the concert started.

Before you jump on me - Imean before you WASPs John, Les and Luke jump on me and call me wonderful names like; " you browny, how dare you" etc. - do note, that the "White man Can't Dance" is just an observation and not an accusation. As a homo spaien either you have the natural rhythem in your body or you don't.And my ivory skinned friends - you just Don't, god gave you many things - skin cancer when you are exposed to sun, the american and european continents, wall and fleet street but he kept away the most important thing from you - the ability to enjoy in tough situations - dancing.

Of course, I couldn't help but compare this concert with another concert I went for a few months back - that one had Sean Paul, Talib Kweli and a host of Spanish hip-hop stars ( unfortunately, I don't know their names) - now that was a big contrast - everyone was moving, shaking and stirring, Surprise, surprise - even the white girls were actually putting on some moves that could shame anyone - black, brown or any shade in-between.

I know you are wondering white girls are OK tell us about the white guys in a hip-hop concert.
so here is the answer! The white guys couldn't dance there either. In fact, you could spot a white guy from a mile - those were the onlu guys looking perplexed - as if they expected that they were told it was a bar and somebody failed to inform them that it was not.

The other side observation was that, while Bon Jovi's concert had lots of Lighting special effects there were practically none in the other one! Do the whiteys feel that technology will fill-in for the natural effects. I don't know but the good news is they don't seem to know either.

I'm just messing with you readers (I mean son). Oh you ask, Why do I Say Son!
Well, I'll let you on a secret, no one reads my blog except for my son and least of all - you, John Q.

In fact, if this blog was being read by anyone outside my family - I might die due to sheer ecstasy of knowing that I have a readership beyond three people! Shoot - now you know that there mine is a three person family! When will the brownies learn to hid etheir moves like whiteys!

So relax Caucasians ( why does Caucasian have an "Asian" in it!) and go beyond jumping

- Dance!
Will Ya!

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