Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Shivraj Patil a Retard?............... are Indian politicians so desperate for votes?????

So I was shocked to see the news today about Shivraj Patil's comments - see the link ($All/BAA9DD2B51063EE46525745000510075?OpenDocument) or the full article at the end of this piece.

His remarks have been called irresponsible but really these are Despicable, disgusting, obnoxious and nefarious. This son of a b#@%! has the nerve to equate an Indian citizen with the low level, guilty as hell enemy combatant.

He shames all Marathas, in fact he forgets that he and his fellow politicians were attacked in the same parliament by that enemy basta%!. What is with these politicians - do they understand at all the concept of motherland, the country that gave them everything. OK if they have no concept of that do they forget that all the fat perks they enjoy in life are because of the country they live in.

This cheap bastar% Patil should be sent to the no man's land and sent away from the country that has given him everything including his life and that he so shamelessly vilifies.

If his parents are alive surely they are ashamed beyond their soul can bear and god forbid if they are not alive they must be turning in their graves.

Here's the article:
New Delhi, May 21 (PTI) Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil's comments virtually equating Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru with Sarabjit Singh today drew flak from the BJP, which accused the Congress of playing votebank politics. The main Opposition party slammed as "irresponsible" the Home Minister's remarks that how can the demand be made for the hanging of Afzal when India has been pressing for clemency for Sarabjit."The comments of the Home Minister are deplorable and condemnable. The Government, which has been dithering from executing Afzal, is playing votebank politics by giving such absurd reasons," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told PTI.

He said the cases of Afzal and Sarabjit, who is on a death row in Pakistan, are totally different.

"While Sarabjit's was a case of mistaken identity, Afzal's role and involvement in the Parliament attack is proven and he has been convicted by the court," Javadekar added.

Another senior leader Ravi Shankar Prasad described Patil's remarks "as one of the most irresponsible comments by a minister" and said "it is bound to have serious implications on the ongoing Indo-Pak talks".

"The statement of the Home Minister relating Sarabjit's case to the Parliament attack convict would demoralise the Indian security forces," he said and demanded that Afzal's capital punishment be executed.

He said while several courts, including the apex court, awarded capital punishment for Afzal, in Sarabjit's case many Pakistani leaders have publicly raised questions on his identity, he said.

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