Thursday, May 15, 2008

Please God Make me a NBA referee - or NOT

So I have never understood on why no NBA analyst, player, NBA covering journalists ever brings out the fact that some of the referees ( a good majority!) seem to be either blind, deaf, perverts, idiots or who knows - are just rotten.

I guess since every team gets some benefit at one time or another, they can't complain and then they end up facing these bumbling jackasses in critical games or critical times like playoffs and then they can't do much about it because they are guilty of not bringing out all this in open earlier and this cycle continues on, year after year. The only real losers are the fans who are actually paying for all this carnival and who quickly switch off to baseball or hockey or NFL or other games and then start feeling bad all over again the very next year.

Some of the most "interesting" refs in my opinion who should NOT be refereeing any games are:
Bennett Salvatore (Don't even get me started)
Steve Javie (fair! what does the word fair mean!!!)

On the other hand some Refs that seem to be fair in my opinion are:

Dick Bavetta (most objective!)
Joey Crawford (Fiery, may hold grudges against some but not corrupt)
Violet Palmer (women better than many men)

I will keep adding to this list so go over it again next week.

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