Sunday, May 25, 2008

So..... some thoughts on Sunday

First, now you can hear all my posts - Podcast is live on my blog now. Just press the Listen Now Button under the blog title. I like this feature and am amazed at how good the voice conversion is.

Second, I don't know why the Chelsea Manager - Avram Gran, was fired!!! OK, I don't claim to know about english league or inside/outside of the football/soccer world but hey the guy took the team to the Champion Leagues Finals - the first time in the club history!!!!!!!!

What the Faak!

I guess, Chelsea Management would rather keep the expectations low for next year and languish below the leaders, Well Done Chelsea!

BTW, I liked the match, it had all the elements of an exciting high- end drama till the very end. As the match progressed, I thought Man U were likely to loose, they looked super tired but when divine forces are with you, who can stop you.

Thank god, I was watching the game only as a football/soccer fan and not as Chelsea F.C. or Manchester United fan or I would have been conflicted right till the end.

Thank you both the teams for a lively and thrilling match.

And now the basketball dilemma - Do Spurs win tonight or do Lakers maul them on the home court!!! Suddenly, I'm sacred for Spurs - not because they don't have the firepower but because the rested Lakers have a wide edge over them - remember - Spurs were stuck on the runway for 11 hours after they finished the game 7 with Hornets and if that was not enough, after the game 2 with Lakers they reached San Antonio around 3 am on Saturday! By the time they were in their homes it would be 6 am!! I hope Pop gave them day off.
Lets see if they recovered a bit from their fatigue or this whole schedule drained them beyond endurance.

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