Friday, May 16, 2008

Letter to Adrain Wojnarowski

To my surprise, sports writer Adrain Wojnarowski wrote today, what I would consider an attention seeking trashy piece of writing so I had to write and let him know what a good majority of true NBA followers think about his article. Mind you, I actually really really like his articles but this one was titled and written as a cheap piece.


I have always wondered, how good writers do it such that they create something out of nothing or create a controversy when none exists! Thanks to your article on Robert Hory, now I understand.

Congratulations. You are the hate maker, flame stroker of the day!

I always read your columns with great interest but for once it looks like that its you who's taking a cheap shot and not Hory, who you try to malign for no reason at all. You have written it yourself in the very column
"West said. “He just caught me really clean, and my guard was down, because I didn’t know anybody was behind me.” AND “I’ll take a look at it, but right now, I’ll just say he caught me with a good shot,” West said.

I'm sorry but it sure looks like you are taking a very cheap shot, but for what! I could understand, if you were a rookie writer and needed attention to your column but since that is not you then why! Did someone tell you that reader numbers were falling!

I don't know but then you may know better! Maybe that is the case, because you also attempt to bring in Bowen into this! Is Bowen annoying to all top players, he sure is as the best defensive man in the league, do players hate him, I'm sure they do, its hard not to hate him if you are a superstar and he shuts you down. What I don't get is what is your beef in all this!

Incidentally, if you were not at the game and were watching it on TV then I think either your TV was on mute or you were drunk because, the three analysts that included Jeff Van Gundy and Marc Jackson said that it was a non-foul, no call required foul or at the best a hard foul. If you doubt me and you are sober by now, go watch the replay.

For a man, who gives us many wonderful views on NBA, this is not a worthy article. I just hope that it's a temporary lapse of judgment and not a hidden streak that we readers were unaware of.

Lastly, In the spirit of the full disclosure, I'm not for/against Spurs or Hornets. I love them both as in my opinion they are both great to watch and follow.
I'm just a basketball fan

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