Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oil / Gas Prices - Why are they going up! Who's Profiting!

So I am totally confused by the upwardly mobile Gas ( Petrol - if you are in Europe or in Des) prices. As far as I am concerned, the only logical reason the prices are going above $125/barrel is because some companies, brokers and handful of speculators want to make as much money as possible!
Ah, you think its because of high energy demands from emerging/fast growing countries like China! Think again - so you are saying their demand is actually growing exponentially every day....!!!!
I can understand if the demand was jumping astronomically every year or 9 months but to say that its doing that on a daily basis sounds insane and before someone gives me crap about Oil futuress trading etc. , that still is crap - Give me a real reason and I'll agree.

Funniest thing is that couple of months back, when everyone (in stock market) was distracted due to rapidly plunging stock markets - for almost four days, there was no change in oil price, as a matter of fact, the prices actually went down a bit. So if I were to take this with teh same crappy argument that stock players will have us believe (demand from China & other countries), we'll have to presume that for those four days, all construction, transportation, travel was completely at a standstill in those countries and hence no price rise.


I know general public is supposed to be stupid or busy earning a living or distracted and/or all of that but still give us a break.

Just own up to the fact that right now is perhaps the best time for making money if you are an Oil company or a stock market player and that prices will keep on going up till the doomsday ( which at this rate, is not too far)

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