Monday, May 26, 2008

Spurs win !!!

Was there ever any doubt!
You bet there was. I for one, was unsure if they could recover from the physical fatigue from some very tough games they have had, one-after-another, ever since the play offs started.
Anyways, MANU did what he does better than any other 6th player in the league, take and make some shots and change the game.


Don't forget though that Kobe almost stole the thunder right under from Spurs when he started hitting big threes seemingly without even trying hard. Man, that guy can play. There are a few superstars in this league who, once they are in the air, no matter where they are on the floor or how their body is positioned or who is in their face or what quarter it is or how many points they are down to - once they are in the air, the ball is going in.
Apart from Kobe, Vince Carter & T Mac clearly fall in that category, of course, only on the days they come to play on.

Anyways, at least the series is interesting now. The only scary thing that I felt after the game was that in post conference news Kobe was so relaxed that it was scary. That's a dangerous sign for the opposition, always. On the other hand, Odom was definitely tensed up when he went on to say, "put this one on me" .

We shall see !

Oh how about the match tonight - Celtics and Pistons. Will Ray Allen reappear - yeah the same guy who was lost once the play offs started! Irrespective, Pistons will come out sharper and my guess is they will win tonight. Darn, there I was, thinking they will finish Celtics off in 6 games and here
we are wondering which Piston team will show up!

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