Thursday, June 5, 2008

I may be old but I love to watch the Circus

Oh not the real circus. I can't stand the overly painted faces anymore and by that I mean, the painted faces of ladies in the audience, but more on that, some other day.

Lets get back to the Circus or as David Stern calls it, his Kingdom - NBA - the basketball farce spectacle.

Lakers /Celtics game has started and the TV channels and Media is trying to create an artificial sense of Rivalry - the great Laker and Celtic rivalry of the past! Unfortunately, except for people in Boston and LA, no one is really hyped up. So you know what it means - Stern's Desperation at its peak!

So technically, LA should win this game based on their strengths and being a superior team ( hold on Celtics fans! I have nothing against Celtics but lets admit, we have all watched them in these play offs and we know how they played and besides if you have read my previous blogs you know my lack of interest in Lakers) but I'm confident that Referees will ensure that game goes to Celtics so Celtics fans - relax! It doesn't matter how both teams play, Celtics will win.

On the other hand, if by any chance if referees are fair (and probability of that is equal to you or me winning a lottery) and Lakers win this game, this will be a sweep for Lakers! Lets watch!

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