Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saintly behavior - well the Guns help too

Just like Gandhi II ( check out the video link in the left column of this blog), apparently being a Holy Man is not enough a gun is needed to create the discipline.
Not getting the drift!! Ok, I refer to the shooting outside the Shopper's stop by Baba Ram Rahim's bodygaurds that killed a man.

Baba sparked a riot by making an unscheduled stop at the Mall while on his way to preach to a gathering. I guess, killing a man gives you that ultimate inner peace which you can then pass on to the audience listening to your discourse. Maybe there's some other explanation - like you can learn and preach non-violence only when you have tasted violence , first hand.

Either way, a man is dead because a so called holy man went for retail therapy. Umm, I guess I'll stay away from any place that has a holy man coming. Catholic priests have already spread enough man-love as it is and now this guy is a shining example of non-violence through violence.

You must watch Gandhi 2 video. Again, its not to make fun of Gandhiji - one of the finest men that ever lived this planet. This is just a bit of humor that I'm sure even he would have liked if he was still alive.

God knows, we do need men like him right now.
Wait a minute, we do have modern day holy men like Baba Ram rahim.

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