Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tiger Wins, Miller Looses .... his head and respect that is

So you know the story, Tiger plays like an injured Tiger and comes back from behind, not once but twice and wins over Rocco Mediate in the US Open Golf Championship and that is phenomenal.

Rocco though can keep his head high, he challenged the best player in the golfing world and had a near-win.

In the whole game though, Johhny Miller lost his head and respect of all golfers and sports players. Now you may have never heard of this idiot Miller and hopefully will never hear of this slimeball again but for now, know that he's the "golf analyst" on the TC channel- ABC.

This is what he said about Rocco on the national TV " Mediate looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool."
He then went on to say, “Guys with the name ‘Rocco’ don’t get on the trophy, do they?”

Somebody should ask this low class , third rate analyst about his golf knowledge but more importantly what sewer he comes from!

As for apology after there was a commotion over his remarks, this is what he comes up with, " My intention was to convey my affection and admiration for Rocco’s everyman qualities and had absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity." Point to note here is that Rocco is of Italian heritage.

So we are to believe that his remarks are out of his affection for Rocco. Wow. I guess I can call him an a$$hole out of affection then. Here's to you with love; you a$$hole.

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