Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nadal - the Beast Vs. Fedex the majestic - The beast feast

And we all know what Beasts do to majestic creatures - devour them. So I feel that in tomorrow's match Nadal has the edge, though no mistaking the fact that Roger is a great player and more than capable, well there sure is a very good reason that Roger is # 1 for last three years.

However, for all the greatness he brings in, he's not playing tight. He's no longer a closer and his reputation of late has made every player on the circuit feel that they can at least take a couple of sets away from him in a match if not the match itself. What's apparent to me is that its not his game but his Stubbornness of sticking with his shots in a situation that demands a change.

It was so visible in his match against Monfils - he was playing great at times and then missing some easy volleys - makes no sense and now I've noticed another factor - after every match now, Roger exults a bit - something he never used to do earlier - to me that's a sign that he either thinks or knows that its not as easy any more and that's a scary thought.

Whenever you have basic fear of any kind, it makes you weak and I feel that Fedex is right now a bit fearful. Hopefully he will leverage it to win the French Open and his career grand slam.

Now lets look at Nadal - The Spanish Tiger - this guy blew off Dojkovic in the semis - What! Dojkovic is a steam engine that blasts its way off any station and doesn't stop till he has run through everything but Nadal blasted him off the courts for the first two sets like no other man can!

Yeah! That's What's Up brother!

Wow, I just couldn't believe the winners Nadal was creating during the match from what looked like sure points for Novak! Nadal's game is at a different level than anyone else right now and he looks fitter than anyone else too.

I do know this though; if anyone can stop this rocket from blasting off the planet - its Mr. Elegance - Roger the Federer.

Good luck to Both and I do hope that Nadal gets rogered! Oops!

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