Thursday, June 5, 2008

The three 'O' treatment.

So I got caught in multiple things and didn't post last week but I'm still alive and still ranting. Obviously the week off from blog didn't mean that I wasn't living my regular life so I have many things to rant about, lets start;

Where do I begin! Let's see;
Lets begin with DCU - ever heard of them! this is a Credit union based out of Mass and I have been banking with them for about 6 years. So I get the latest statement which shows that I have a balance of 0.19 $ outstanding. Yes, 19 cents. I call the customer service about this fractal amount & the customer rep says " I know it's just .19 cents but you'll have to pay" so I ask him, hey listen, couldn't you just wave it off and save all of us a breath! I'll be spending more cents in postage , as a matter of fact just the postage will be twice of the original amount that you seek from me.

Pat comes the reply, " I understand Sir, but you have to pay" so I get thinking " You dic!head, you may be hearing me but NO, you don't understand, If you can get your brain out of your ass then try to understand that;
- For trying to get 0.19 of one dollar from me
- your company printed a statement that would cost them $4.00 or more
- then spent .41 cents to mail it to me ,
- I called you on the phone costing me .50 cents
- you probably cost your company $15/hour or something
- when I send the freaking 19 cents, i will use an envelope (25 cents), postage (41 cents), a check ( 30 cents),
- your mail department will open the envelope and send it to accounts dept.

so NO, you don't understand that your quest to get the 0.19 cents are going to end up wasting 50 dollars, besides it is right now aggravating both me and you and will in-turn cause unhappiness in at least two families and I will likely be pissed off for next few minutes and aggravate anyone who comes within 360 degrees of me and you Sir Dic!head, may have started a global chain of aggravation, for all I know.

so NO, you As!wipe, you dimhead, you dimwit, you dipsh!t, you didn't understand and further you will NEVER understand and what's more you will never grow up, well at least not mentally.

What's even worse for you, you freak , I will not be unhappy if your position gets the three O treatment - Outsourced, Offshored or completely Obliterated

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